Thursday, March 8, 2012

Come meet us at Saint Joseph, Mo. Apple Markets!

We have the privilege to do another sampling of our products at a major chain grocery store!
We have, as a family done samplings at other grocery stores the past year and a half, and it's always fun!
We enjoy working together, talking to people, hearing about their lives, and watching their smiles as they taste our products.

I feel blessed. My daughters, who are 16, 16 and 19 (yes we have twins) are getting real life experience in the business world and interaction with the community.

I enjoy the fact that I can sit back and watch my girls engage with people and talk about the product that they bake.

If you are in the St. Joseph area, please come out and meet us, and try our gluten free baked goods!

We will be at Apple Market on 36th street from 12-2 P.M. and Apple Market on Pear street from 4-6 P.M.

Have a blessed day!

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