Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10% off for February!

When you think of February, we naturally think about Valentine's Day. While some think of loved ones on Valentine's Day, more often, we think about the relationship between two people.

St. Valentine's Day has had a long history of different kinds of love from martyred saints to modern day romance.

I like the story of Saint Valentine when he was in prison, and befriended the jailer's daughter who was blind. The night before his execution, he gave her a card that read "From your Valentine."

In the Bible we find 4 kinds of love:

Eros, meaning the love between a husband and wife.
Philia, meaning brotherly love.
Storge, meaning the love of a parent for a child.
Agape, meaning the selfless love of one person for another.

Agape love is what Jesus Christ demonstrated for us all when He died on the cross for our sins.

In the spirit of brotherly love, Gluten Free life is giving a coupon of 10% off all online orders for the month of February!

The coupon code is: FEB12
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Please share the coupon with friends and family, and use the coupon as many times during the month of February as you would like!


Have a great day!

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