Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tell us your story

Tell us your story. How has having to eat gluten free affected your daily living?
What are your struggles?

I have lived with fibromyalgia for 12 yrs. now. Most of the time not knowing what was wrong with me. I thought I just had the flu a lot. Over time as I began to monitor myself and try different strategies, and had a couple of Doctors who believed what I was telling them! Yes, I had an answer, a starting point from where to work from.
I found the best solutions for my life and try to keep everything balanced.

I still experience pain on a daily basis, was I crazy to buy a bakey? Maybe, but I knew it was something we could do as a family, all work together to help provide for our family.

One of my daughters has heat and cold sensitivities, but she works hard, and doesn't mind the inconveniences it causes her, well not too much.

So I guess I know a little about life's struggles, and how we just have to rely on our father in Heaven to see us through each day. In our weakness we find His strength!

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  1. We have 7 children all of whom have a combination of food "allergies". Including myself, mom, we have 6 people who are GF. I have been cooking and baking GF for almost 10 yrs. I lost weight, experience fewer headaches, stomache aches, et cetera.Our eldest boy, before going GF showed Autistic tendencies. After going GF we discovered he has Aspergers, not full blown Autism. When he avoids what we call poisons his behavior is exemplary. But when these poisons are hidden in his food in some way he says his brains is full of fog and he can not focu of think through it. Our girls all show various symptoms when "poisoned" one take two weeks to totally recover from the tiniest amount of gluten in her food. Thankfully after much practice we make our GF foods very tasty and satisfying, even those who do not need the GF diet enjoy our biscuits and cakes. Our children are healthy and hardy. We bake and cook from scratch in order to save $, and do o great job of this I can modestly say. Our children are learning how to do this also so that when they go out on their own they do not have the rough start I and many others did with no direction. Our GF life is not limiting or "icky". I bring an extra Bday cake to the parties held by others, although many Moms supply their own out of the goodness of their hearts! I have learned so much about food during this adventure that I feel more blessed for the allergy. We eat more healthfully than before! For I am able to pass on this valuable info to our children who will be healthier for it as well!!