Friday, February 4, 2011

Learning All About the Benefits of Gluten Free Living

My wife suffers (and I do mean suffers), from fibromyalgia, and very few things that we have tried through the years have been of any benefit. Last year we purchased a home in the country along with a business located on the property. That business is "Gluten Free Life Bakery". My daughters have taken the business to heart and have done a wonderful job of running it. We also discovered as a side benefit, that my wife's symptoms from the fibromyalgia have improved. She has yet to go totally "gluten-free" in her diet, but she plans to do so in the near future. I hope that I will have many more good things to say about Gluten Free Living, when she does.

After trying a number of competitors products we discovered that many gluten-free products taste terrible. As one of our customers said to me "Most Gluten-Free food tastes like cardboard smells". Amy, the previous owner of our bakery, showed us that gluten free foods can taste great when they are made with good tasting grains and flours.
We were fortunate that the previous owner had developed many recepies that did not use rice-flour, a tastless flour with little nutritional value. My oldest daughter, Kendra researched the various grains and flours available to us and came up with some really great tasting Breads, Cookies and Muffins. One of the Twins has created a number of new cookies that people just rave about.

We were able to add Gluten-Free Oats to some of our recipies, however; they are quite expensive to obtain. We use only oats from dedicated fields and processing facilities and they are tested throughout every step to assure that they meet Elisa test standards. That is not to say that some Celiacs might not still have issues with the Oats, however; we have not had any negative feedback on our three varieties of Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookies. We have Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Mocha Oatmeal (Fantastic with your morning cup of coffee).

The girls seem to have a natural gift for creating tasty gluten free treats. We are also open to trying new recipies, so if anyone has a favorite that they would like to post, please feel free to put in on the blog and we'll see what everyone thinks.

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  1. Hi cousin's - How long did it take to notice that the gluten free foods, helped with the fibromyalgia? I also have fibromyalgia and i am willing to try anything.

  2. Vivian, I noticed right away with my IBS, but it took a few weeks to notice that I wasn't feeling as achey. Like Phil said, I haven't went totally gf, but that is because I am so busy this past year with moving, buying and operating a business, and having a daughter graduating. Whew! So maybe soon I can be more watchful with my diet.

  3. Eating gluten free is not only beneficial for Celiacs.

    The grains we use in our Gluten free Life products are very nutritious for everyone.

    Millet is the cereal grain with the most iron and complete proteins.It's easy to digest because of the high alkaline content. I know people are starting to look at their acidity and alkaline balance closer, and millet helps balance the high acidity a lot of us have in our diets.
    Millet is also rich in phosphorous, amino acids and B vitamins!

    Sourghum flour is high in carbohydrates, protein and calcium. It also contains iron, vitamin B1 and nicotinic acid.

    Flax seed is high in omega-3 fatty acid and fiber. Flax helps control cholesterol levels!
    We all need to have this in our diets!